Cowgirl Hair Restoration Webinar

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General Information:

Click the "Register"tab to access the registration form.

Physician registration fees include: the educational liver surgery workshop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Lecture Power Point Handout Materials, Surgery Videos, Post Meeting Faculty Communications.

Zoom Meeting will be managed by ISHRS and Dr. Carlos Puig. Because multiple videos will be playing simultaneously with lecture communication, maximum band foe internet service is recommended. The minimum band width for streaming multiple video should be 3 megabytes per second.

Conference Scheduling has been adjusted to facilitate the participation of faculty and attendees in a live event, in worldwide time zones. Consequently, for some the meetings will start in the late evening, and others in the early morning. To optimize everyone’s participation the hourly schedule daily has been shortened and the number of days for the meeting expanded.

Attendance of Post Conference Meeting will be required for CME accreditation to be issued. The plan is for this meeting to occur about 30 days after the close of the conference, so attendees and faculty can review the materials, formulate additional questions and discussion points.

Training Efficiency will be observed and measured during the meeting.

Official Language
The official language of the Workshop is English. Simultaneous interpretation will not be provided.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Registration fees, less at $150.00 (USD) administration fee, will be refunded upon written notice of cancellation to the Workshop Registrar received on or before March 1, 2022. There will be no refund of fees for cancellation or for lack of attendance without notification. It is your responsibility to ensure that your cancellation request has been received by the Workshop Registrar.

Video, Photography & Audio Recording Policy
Video and audio recording, and photography are prohibited in the Workshop. The only exception to the photography policy are photos and video taken by ISHRS and Dr. Carlos Puig, for the purpose to use in ISHRS publications.

Cellular Phone/Pager Policy
The use of cellular phones and pagers in the education sessions is prohibited. Attendees must either turn off or vibrate cellular phones and pagers.

© Cowgirl Hair Loss Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

© Cowgirl Hair Loss Workshop. All Rights Reserved.