Cowgirl Hair Restoration Webinar

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Cowgirl Hair Loss Webinar Workshop Agenda

Friday, March 18, 2022
  Conference Room   Breakout Room  
Welcome: Learner Objectives, Introductions & Disclosures, Pre Test
Sesson One Inherited Hair Loss in Women: Female Pattern Hair Loss: Sharon Keen Moderator      
8:15 AM Eyebrow and Eye Lash Restoration, Diagnosis, Design and Surgical Pearls Wasserbauer    
8:45 AM     Eyebrow Transplant Patient Wasserbauer
9:00 AM Physiology and Pathophysiology of Female Hair Loss Rose    
9:45 AM Genetic & Epigenetic Predispositin to Female Pattern Hair Loss Keene Visit  
10:30 AM Hair Transplantation in Female Patten Hair Loss, Indications and Limitations Keene    
11:00 AM Surgeons Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Pattern Hairloss Puig Visit  
11:45 AM Lunch      
Session Two Designing Female Hairlines: Russell Knudsen Moderator      
12:30 PM Scalp Micropigmentation Wasserbauer Micropigmentation Demonstration  
1:00 PM 4 or 5 Patients to Design All Faculty    
2:00 PM Conservative Treatment of Inherited Female Pattern Hair Loss (L1&3) Rogers    
2:30 PM Q&A All Faculty    
Saturday, March 19, 2022
Session Three Non-Androgenetic Alopecia... Diagnosis & Treatment: Moderator Carlos Puig      
8:00 AM Surgeon's Guide to Identification of Scarring Alopecias Puig    
8:45 AM Medical Treatment Strategies for Women with Scarring Aloecias (include PRP) Rogers    
9:30 AM Endocrinopathies That Cause Hair Loss in Woman Keene    
10:15 AM Break      
10:30 AM Role of Surgical Interventions & Micro-Pigmentation in Scarring Alopecias Puig   Wasserbauer
11:00 AM Role of Tissue Cultureing, Regenera, & Tissue Banking In Scarring Alopecias Knudsen    
11:45 AM Q&A All Faculty Visit  
Sunday, March 20, 2022
Session Four Complications & Reconstruction Cases: Moderator Jerzy Kolenzinski      
8:00 AM Complications & Post-Operative Management in FPHL Rose    
8:45 AM Role of Dermoscopy & Tricoscopy in Female Hair Loss Rudnicka    
9:30 AM Hair Transplantation in Trauma & Post Cosmetic Surgery Patients Kolasinski    
10:15 AM Difficult Female Cases Kolasinski    
11:00 AM Q&A All Faculty    
Saturday April 23, 2022
Session Five Post Program Discussion, Tests, Survey and Q&A      
8:00 AM Post Test Puig    
8:20 AM Faculty Comments All Faculty    
8:40 AM Questions & Discussion All Faculty    

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